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The Men's & Women's Recreation Volleyball Society (MWRVS) is an adult Edmonton Volleyball league with a rich history in the Edmonton area. MWRVS is a volleyball league that provides recreational volleyball to its members and promotes the importance of sportsmanship. The Society encourages amateur games and exercise.

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Indoor Co-ed Leagues




The Fall/Winter League runs from September to April, finishing with a year-end tournament and banquet. [more]

The Spring League runs from April to May/June.   The Spring League consist of 6-7 weeks of ladder play. [more]



Current News

Current News

April 15U-16U Volleyball Camps
Posted - Wednesday, March 05, 2014

 Check out the Various Youth Volleyball Camps!

15U and 16U attached, other below! 

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Mid Season Reminders 2012-13
Posted - Thursday, November 15, 2012

Score submissions:

Winning teams must have your scores updated on the website by 11pm the Wednesday post-game. Failing to do so will result in a 0 for your team. If you notice, as the losing team for that week, that a score was not submitted you can email us office@mwrvs.ca and I will make sure you get your 1 pt. (On weeks that it is a round change, I need this information by Thursday am)

Please be aware of Dates – tier # - and opposing team when submitting scores. We do our best to make sense of the information submitted but we cannot be expected to read minds when doing a round change. Please make sure to check the results section of the schedule to ensure that you have entered all information correctly. Scores not correctly entered may result in a missed score.

Questions regarding scores, round change placement or otherwise:

Questions need to be submitted by email at office@mwrvs.ca . This ensures that 2 of our committee members receive it and one of us can answer your question. Please do not phone our homes. Calls about schools not being open or cancellations are acceptable on the night of play only.

General Conduct at games:

We’d like to remind everyone that this is a fun adult league and we want to promote good sportsmanship. Please remember to leave stresses from the day (or drive) at the door and have a good time! Also, be courteous to the staff at the schools. They have had just as long day as you have and deserve respect.

If you have complaints about another teams conduct, you must email the league within 24 hours.

Please be sure to take all of your belongings with you when you leave a gym. We are not responsible for any items left there.  If you notice something left by another team, please email us and we will try to put you in contact with the other teams.