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Vice President Barbie Kuz
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Treasurer (Financial Inquiries)  George Gurba
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Most executive members are at the gym on Tuesday nights, and are happy to address any comments or concerns. Any feedback via e-mail will be processed at the league office and will be forwarded to the appropriate executive member.



  • James Davidson
  • Barbie Kuz
  • George Gurba



Teresa Kehoe
(780) 668-7996

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The Name of the Society is:



  1. Membership fee, if any, in the Society shall be determined from time to time by the Board. Any person residing in Alberta, and, being of the full age of eighteen years, may become a member upon payment of the membership fee, as determined annually by the Board.
  2. Any member wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon a notice in writing to the Board through its Secretary. If any member is in arrears for fees, such member shall be automatically suspended and shall thereafter be entitled to no membership privileges or powers in the Society until reinstated. Any member upon a majority vote of all members of the Society in good standing may be expelled from membership for any cause which the Society may deem reasonable.
  3. Should any member wish to withdraw, any reimbursement of membership fees will be decided upon by the Board.
  4. All members shall comply with the Special Rules of the Society, as may be determined from time to time by the Board, a copy of which shall be available from the Secretary. In cases where a member fails to comply with the Special Rules, or, his actions are detrimental to the welfare of the Society or its members, the Board may, by vote, expel such member.


  1. The President shall be ex-officio a member of all Committees. The President shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Board. In the President’s absence, the Vice President shall preside at any such meeting, and in the absence of both, a chairman may be elected at the meeting to preside.


  1. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all meetings of the Society and of the Board, and to keep accurate minutes of the same. In case of the absence of the Secretary, his/her duties shall be discharged by such officer as may be appointed by the Board.


  1. The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the Society and be responsible for the deposit of same in whatever bank the Board may order. He/She shall properly account for the funds of the Society and keep such books as may be directed. He/She shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Board whenever requested and shall prepare for submission to the general meeting a statement duly audited, as hereinafter set forth, of the financial position of the Society and submit a copy of same to the Coordinator for the records of the Society. The office of the Secretary and Treasurer may be filled by one person if any annual general meeting for the election of officers shall so decide.
  2. The offices heretofore described may be filled by individual persons as elected, or any two or more offices may be filled by the same person. Notwithstanding, the Board shall consist of a minimum of five persons and a maximum of sixteen persons. Other directors may be appointed as may be determined to be necessary from time to time.
  3. Any two of the President, Vice President or Treasurer shall have signing authority for the Society; or, in the case of death or inability of any of the above party to act, the Secretary may be one of the required signatures. The signatures will not require a Seal of the Society.


  1. The Coordinator shall keep a record of all the members of the Society and their addresses, send all notices of the various meetings as required, and collect and receive the annual dues or assessments levied by the Society, such monies shall be promptly turned over to the Treasurer for deposit in whatever bank as hereinafter required. The Coordinator shall have charge of all the minutes and correspondence of the Society and be under the direction of the President and the Board.


  1. The books, accounts and records of the Secretary, Treasurer, and Coordinator shall be audited at least once each year by a duly qualified accountant or by three members of the Society who have been appointed by the Board as the Auditing Committee. A complete and proper statement of the standing of the books for the previous year shall be submitted by such auditor at the general meeting of the Society. The fiscal year of the Society in each year shall be June 1 to May 31 of the following calendar year.
  2. The books and records of the Society may be inspected by any member of the Society at the general meeting provided for herein or at anytime upon giving reasonable notice and arranging a time satisfactory to the officer or officers having charge of same. Each member of the Board shall at all times have access to such books and records.


  1. This Society shall hold an annual general meeting for the purpose of electing officers on or before April 30 in each year, of which notice in writing to the last known address of each member shall be delivered in the mail not less than ten days prior to the date of the meeting. At this meeting there shall be elected a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, (or Secretary-Treasurer), and a minimum of three directors. The officers and directors so elected shall form a Board, and shall serve until their successors are elected and installed one year later but not later than May 31 of the subsequent year. Any member of the Society in good standing shall be eligible for election to any office of the Society. Any vacancy occurring during the year may be filled at the discretion of the Board.


  1. The Society shall hold a general meeting on or before September 30 in each year; of which notice in writing to the last known address of each member shall be delivered in the mail thirty days prior to the date of the meeting. At this meeting there shall be an announcement of the elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and other Officers and Directors as shall have been duly elected.
  2. Meetings of the Society may be called at any time by the Secretary upon instructions of the President or Board by notice in writing to the last known address of each member, delivered in the mail eight days prior to the date of such meeting. A special meeting shall be called by the President or Secretary upon receipt by of a petition signed by one third of the members in good standing, setting forth the reasons for calling such meeting, which shall be by letter to the last known address of each member, delivered in the mail eight days prior to the meeting.
  3. The notice for any general meeting or special meeting shall specify the date, time and place. Forty (40) members in good standing in attendance at the time the meeting is called shall constitute a quorum.


  1. Any member who has not withdrawn nor has been suspended or expelled as herein provided shall have the right to vote at any general meeting of the Society. Such votes must be made in person and not by proxy or otherwise.


  1. Unless authorized at any meeting of the Board and after such notice of same shall have been given, no officer or member of the Society shall receive any remuneration for his/her services. Remuneration of some form may be given to coaches, coordinators or other members authorized by the Board or at a general meeting


  1. For the purpose of carrying out its objects, the Society may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money such manner as it thinks fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures, but this power shall be exercised only under the authority of the Society, and in no case shall debentures be issued without the sanction of a special resolution of the majority of the members of the Society.


  1. The bylaws may be rescinded, altered or added to by “Special Resolution”.
  2. Special rules may be determined by the Board from time to time to govern the structure of play, teams, refereeing decisions and conduct.


  1. Board of Directors, Executive, or Board, shall mean the Board of Directors of the Society.
  2. The Board shall, subject to the bylaws or direction given it by Majority vote at any meeting properly called and constituted, have full control and management of the affairs of the Society, and meetings of the Board may be held as often as may be required, but at least once every three months, and shall be called by the President. A special meeting may be called on the instructions of any two members provided they request the President in writing to call such meeting, and state the business to be brought before the meeting. Meetings of the Board shall be called by ten days notice in writing mailed to each director, or by three days notice by fax or telephone. Fifty percent of the current number of Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum, and meetings shall be held without notice if quorum of the Board is present, provided that any business transactions at such meeting shall be ratified at the next regularly called meeting of the Board; otherwise they shall be null and void.
  3. A person appointed or elected a director becomes a director if they were present at the meeting when being appointed or elected, and did not refuse the appointment. They may also become a director if they were not present at the meeting but consented in writing to act as director before the appointment or election, or within ten days after the appointment or election, or if they acted as a director pursuant to the appointment or election.
  4. Any director or officer, upon a vote in favor of seventy five percent of the Board of Directors, may be removed from office for any cause which the Board may deem reasonable.
  5. The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of five persons and a maximum of sixteen persons.

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